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At Burrard Glass Ltd we can provide a wide range of glass products for your project from laminated, insulated, control coated, tempered, heat-treated, pattern/decorative and spandrel glass. Whatever your project - commercial curtain wall, skylights, glass panels, glass floors, total vision entries, and architectural glass.

Areas of expertise:

  • All Glass Systems

  • Aluminum Storefront Systems

  • Automatic Door Systems

  • Bullet Resistant Glass

  • Canopies

  • Curtainwall

  • Custom Sunshades 

  • Door Pivots, Hinges & Closures

  • Engineered Systems Available

  • Single or Double Glazed Applications

  • Skylights

  • Specialty Glass Products

  • Storefront and Entry Doors

  • Tempered or Laminated Safety / Security Glass

  • Total Vision Systems

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